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Responsabilidad Social Arca Continental

Arca Continental’s solid Social Responsibility and Sustainability Model, which forms part of its Comprehensive Quality and Improvement System, is a fundamental aspect of the company’s organizational culture and business management.

The Social Responsibility and Sustainability Model facilitates the strategic alignment, administration and control of our actions, including those that target environmental protection and community wellbeing.

Read on to learn more about the strategic approach of our social responsibility actions and the way in which we serve our different stakeholders. 

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Since 2006 we embrace the Global Compact United Nations Principles, which focuses on labor and human rights. We are part of the Sustainability Index of the Mexican Stock Exchange, since its integration in 2011, which evaluates and recognizes the application of the best business practices in relation to sustainability and corporate governance. Additionally, in 2018, our company was distinguished for the fifteenth consecutive year as a Socially Responsible Company by the Mexican Center for Philanthropy (CEMEFI).