Since 2012, our ongoing efforts to lighten our PET bottles have given excellent results, bringing multiple environmental benefits, not only because of the reduction in the amount of plastic and energy required to produce the containers, but also because of the positive impact on our logistics and final disposal. Thanks to this initiative, in 2016 we saved 2,000 tons of resin, equivalent to more than six thousand tons of CO2e not emitted into the environment.

The alliance that we have made with our suppliers of recycled food-grade PET, such as PetStar in Mexico, and Bio PET have allowed us to incorporate a considerable percentage of such materials in our plastic containers. In 2016, we consumed more than 64 thousand tons of these two products, or 26.73% of our PET consumption. The actual percentage varies according to country, largely as a reflection of the availability of the materials.

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    Economia y Compromiso Empresarial (ECOCE), a non-profit organization, is one of our allies in reducing our waste footprint and disseminating the importance of recycling in the communities around our operating centers in Mexico. During the 2015-2016 school year, ECOCE implemented the Eco Challenge Program in 1,774 schools in 15 different cities in our territories. With a participation of more than 400 thousand students, it collected 1,400 tons of PET, 122 tons of HDPE and more than nine tons of aluminum. IPASA recycles HDPE to produce soft-drink cases for Coca-Cola, thus contributing to our strategy of a circular economy.


    To support our efforts to create a culture of proper waste disposal and recycling, ECOCE has installed containers in our offices and main operating centers so that our associates and visitors can dispose of their bottles correctly and expand the recycling culture inside and outside the organization. Waste containers were also donated to Universidad Catolica de Salta (UCASAL) in Argentina, in order to facilitate and promote solid waste separation.

  • PetStar

    In 2015, PetStar was awarded the following certifications: OHSAS 18001 (Safety), ISO 14000 (Environmental), and State and Federal Clean Industry. It also adhered to Operation Clean Sweep, in order to prevent plastic waste ending up in our oceans, and signed the Earth Charter.

    PetStar’s operations give its shareholders access to the highest quality food-grade recycled PET resin to produce their containers, resulting in a double benefit: eliminating PET containers from the environment and increasing the percentage of recycled material in packaging. These actions reduce the carbon footprint of our value chain, since processing recycled PET lowers emissions by 78% compared to virgin PET resin.

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