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Ethics and Compliance

Our Code of Ethics and Conduct Policies   complies with laws and regulations in each of the countries where we operate, respecting the perspective of our main stakeholders interests, among which are clients, suppliers, associates, authorities, etc. Its objectives include anti-corruption processes and controls, support for transparency as well as promoting fair trade and procurement of healthy relationships among our associates and all who come in contact with the company. It can be found in various communication tools, such as our internal magazine, bulletin boards, Internet sites and dissemination courses.

Pursuant to our Code of Ethics and Conduct Policies, every person related to Arca Continental commits to make no distinctions for gender, race, religious beliefs, age, appearance, political affiliation, nationality, traditions, sexual preference, or for any other reason. When establishing a personal or work relationship, all people, regardless of their social or economic status, will be treated equally.

As part of our efforts to combat corruption, our Code of Ethics and Conduct clearly states that “anyone who serves the company is committed not to give or receive, directly or indirectly, bribes or any other benefits to obtain improper advantages of financial or commercial character or of any kind. No one should offer, give or receive any gift or payment which can be regarded  as a bribe and should reject any offer or solicitation of it… ”. We incorporated the Coca-Cola Supplier Guiding Principles Handbook into the company’s contractual conditions, providing specific clauses for social responsibility required from our value chain. In this way, every purchase implicitly involves respect for human rights, the rejection of the use of child labor, the abolition of every type of discrimination and forced labor, and compliance with other guidelines that promote the freedom of humankind. We evaluate the impact of each and every one of our operations on Human Rights and promote respect for the guarantees of the people with whom we interact on a daily basis. We have set up our online Suppliers Portal, where every supplier hoping to offer products/services and register in the system, must read and agree to comply and respect our Code of Ethics and Conduct. Therefore, 100% of our suppliers are now informed and committed to join our efforts to tackle corruption and bribery.

Our Code of Ethics and Conduct  also compels us, all company associates, to act in a respectful way towards human rights. We emphasize on the fact that we must act without discriminating against age, gender, marital status, nationality and respect political affiliation, as well as religious
beliefs and traditions.

Code of Ethics and Conduct responsibility and application relies on the Audit Direction, with the support of the Corporate Communication and Social Responsibility Direction and the supervision of the Board of Directors. There is a Committee of Ethics and Compliance for every business unit, formed by Zone or Executive Direction accordingly.

We insist that any deviation from our Code of Ethics and Conduct  be reported through our Transparency Mailbox. We have been developing a tool to systematize complaints follow ups and monitoring. This will allow Transparency Mailbox management to be more agile and friendly.

If any person is interested in learning more about our Code of Ethics and Conduct  or wishes to report any behavior that are contrary to those desired by the company, it can be done through the following means:

• Through the company’s Transparency Mailbox  in the website.

•Sending an email to

• By written letter addressed to the CEO at Av. San Jeronimo 813 Pte. Col. San Jeronimo C.P. 64640. Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico

• Calling our toll-free numbers in Mexico 01 800 000 2722, Argentina (0-800) 444 126 and Ecuador (1-800) 000-367