Press releases

28 January 2022

AC and The Coca-Cola Foundation Support the Restoration of Parks

The initiative, led by the municipality of Monterrey, includes the participation of Arca Continental, The Coca-Cola Foundation, The Nature Conservancy, and the Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León.

7 December 2021

Arca Continental Starts Works to Take Clean Water to the Valley of Mexicali

The wetland employs environmentally-friendly technologies to treat urban water so that it can be repurposed in production processes

11 November 2021

AC Ecuador and Coca-Cola Reassert Sustainable Commitment

Arca Continental Ecuador, The Coca-Cola Company, and Tonicorp signed an agreement with the Ministry of the Environment to strengthen the circular economy and hydrological sustainability, and to work to mitigate climate change

28 August 2021

AC and IMCC participates in the “Sponsor a School” Program in Nuevo León

With the vision of expanding the project state-wide, Arca Continental will allocate the investment to academic campuses located in the cities of Monterrey, San Nicolás de los Garza, Santa Catarina, and Guadalupe.

25 August 2021

Arca Continental and IMCC Installs Rain Schools in Jalisco

This initiative will enable schools to sustainably obtain access to water with water harvesting techniques and participatory education focused on how to care for water.

14 August 2021

AC and the IMCC Promote Access to Clean Water in Jalisco

In collaboration with the Government of Jalisco, Arca Continental today opened its water treatment plant based on a natural wetland, that will supply clean water to productive projects in the community of Cihuatlán.

24 June 2021

AC Ecuador Offers Training to Shopkeepers

The initiative, which was launched in collaboration with Coca-Cola Ecuador, Tonicorp, and government entities, impacted more than 17,000 entrepreneurs across the country in terms of their social and economic-commercial development.

10 June 2021

AC Installed Recycling Stations in Iguazú

Recycling stations were installed in schools in Iguazú in order to promote the circular economy model.

7 April 2021

AC Ecuador Recognized for Gender Equality

The recognition for practices focused on gender equality was granted by the National Government of Ecuador to AC and Tonicorp.

16 March 2021

AC Named Socially Responsible Company for 18th Consecutive Year

Alongside Arca Continental, PetStar, will also receive Socially Responsible Company awards for the 7thconsecutive year.