Sustainability is a key element of our company’s business strategy and organizational culture. We seek to ensure that Arca Continental’s development goes hand in hand with that of the communities where we operate and that, at the same time, we respect and contribute to the continuous improvement of the environment.

As part of our culture of continuous improvement, we hold numerous meetings and talks with the company’s main stakeholders, asking them for feedback to help us to constantly improve and update our sustainability strategy. Their valuable opinions and comments contribute to our development of sustainable and inclusive work plans.


Our Social Responsibility and Sustainability Model is aligned with diverse international methodologies and with the Coca-Cola System’s sustainability strategy, thus helping us to contribute to the achievement of the 2020 Vision objectives which have been set across our global system.

The three pillars of our sustainability strategy are framed by a solid structure and the best Corporate Governance practices, the constant surveillance of ethical compliance and an organizational culture based on values that are identified and unite all our associates. Our objective is to guarantee that these pillars are an intrinsic part of all our company’s activities and thereby agents of positive change in the communities we serve. 

Social Responsibility Model


  • Social Wellbeing

    We sincerely hope that everyone at Arca Continental and in its interacting communities will develop in a sustainable and harmonious manner. To this end, we constantly train our associates and they always work in safe conditions; we empower women and offer wide-ranging support to the least favored along our value chain, so as to provide them with more and better opportunities to prosper; and, under a scheme of joint responsibility, we invest time and resources to promote continuous growth and a better quality of life, thereby contributing to the development of society.

  • Environmental Wellbeing

    We constantly work to minimize our environmental footprint by reducing emissions, returning the water we use to nature, and leading our industry in recycling, packaging and distribution improvements. In parallel, we focus on preserving the environment for future generations through reforestation activities, cleaning up bodies of water, promoting an environmental culture in the community and spreading the use of green technologies.

  • Individual Wellbeing

    We strive for our associates and community members to be healthy and active, not only through our multiple physical activity and nutritional education campaigns, but also thanks to our wide and varied portfolio of products made with the highest quality ingredients. Moreover, we provide extensive, relevant and clear information to help purchasers decide what is best for them to consume according to their personal needs.