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Transparency Mailbox

At Arca Continental, our behavior toward our associates, consumers, customers, suppliers, stockholders and the community in general is guided by a Code of Ethics and Conduct  that demands outstanding performance in our work-related responsibilities and consistency between our actions and declared ethical principles. What we do is guided by the unwavering objective of applying the highest ethical standards in every aspect of our activities.

We are totally committed to executing our activities with honesty, integrity and transparency, in strict accordance with the Law, and respecting the human rights and legitimate interests of all the people and organizations with whom we interact.


With the aim of offering a safe and confidential way where collaborators, suppliers, customers and community in general can report any deviation from our Code of Ethics and Conduct, we have established this Transparency Mailbox, managed by the company Resguarda, which ensures impartiality and confidentiality of complaints, as well as the  timely managemente and follow-up of reported cases.

All complaints received in this mailbox are addressed and monitored in detail. The user is informed of the progress being made in any investigation through a unique folio number, until a final resolution is made. This process guarantees compliance with our Code of Ethics and Conducts.

We also offer specialized communication channels for our customers, such as the DIGA line, for potential Suppliers, or for those interested in registering with our Employment Center.

There are three formal ways to make a report:

  1. Through the link "Transparency Mailbox" on the corporate intranet or on the Arca Continental website
  2. Through the email address: report@transparencymailboxac.com and
  3. Through toll-free telephone lines:
In Argentina: 0800-345-5478

In Ecuador: 1-800-001-135
In the United States: 1-888-876-7548 & 1-888-303-8442
In Mexico: 800 8228966
In Peru: 1-705-2233


The Transparency Mailbox is available exclusively for reporting conduct that violates the standards stipulated in our Code of Ethics and Conduct, which can be consulted at:  Code of Ethics and Conduct Policies  



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