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40% of Arca Continental energy consumption comes from renewable sources


Mexico City. August 8, 2018.- By investing in strategies and new technologies for the efficient use of energy, the Coca-Cola Mexican Industry (CCMI) has been able to reduce its impact on the environment in areas such as manufacturing, refrigeration, and distribution. Its annual report entitled ‘IMCC, Comprometidos contigo’, (CCMI, Committed to you) points out that 42% of the energy it employs is currently supplied by renewable sources.


Arca Continental, the second largest bottler in Mexico and a member of the Coca-Cola Mexican Industry, achieved a 40% rate of energy supplied by renewable sources, including wind and biomass-produced energies.


The recent opening of the co-generation power plant at the Adolfo López Mateos sugar mill is noteworthy as part of this continuous effort. The 50-MW/HR plant belongs to the PIASA sugar-producing group, which is led by Arca Continental and a group of Mexican Coca-Cola bottlers. 


In addition, 17 of Arca Continental’s 20 production plants in Mexico participate in the esKO Top 10 Challenge, which goal is to optimize the consumption of electric power.


On the road to broaden the reach of initiatives and programs aimed at achieving its goals, the CCMI has obtained the following results:




•             By employing energy supplied by renewable sources, in 2017, it avoided 126 thousand tons of CO2, which is equal to taking 27 thousand vehicles out of circulation for one year.

•             In addition, 5 plants in the bottling system were sourced with 100% renewable energy (electricity) during the whole year.

•             The esKO Top10 Energy Savings Challenge, in collaboration with World Wildlife Fund (WWF), has been in place for ten years. Its goal is to certify compliance with efforts that promote the efficient consumption of energy.

•             Today esKO Top 10 is implemented in 47 plants, of which 41 have been certified, reducing by almost 10% the energy consumption per liter of beverage produced in 2017, from the 2010 baseline.

41 are certified




•             It has adopted the global vision of reducing its carbon footprint by 2020 across the supply chain.

•             It continues to participate in the ‘Clean Transportation’, program promoted by both the Mexican Ministry of the Environment and Natural Resources (SEMARNAT) and the Ministry of Communications and Transportation (SCT).

•             The first Coca-Cola Mexican Industry workshop took place in 2017 to offer training on issues related to technical and economic management practices which, if implemented correctly, can result in savings in fuel consumption of up to 30%.

result in savings in fuel consumption of up to 30%

According to the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA), between 2010 and 2015, Latin America was among the most advanced markets in terms of the integration of renewable energies, given that one fourth of its primary energy is supplied by these sources. Currently, Mexico, as one of the countries in the Energy and Climate Change Partnership of the Americas, is firmly committed to implementing the use of renewable resources, with the goal of increasing their efficiency[1].


With a 92-year history in the country, the Coca-Cola Mexican Industry has maintained its commitment to developing initiatives that promote the mitigation of climate change. It also promotes efforts such as the use of solar energy in social cohesion spaces and continues to increase the use of new technologies in order to reduce its carbon footprint.


The CCMI continues to join efforts striving to create a better world for future generations.



[1] World Economic Forum, The energy required by the Latin America of the future




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