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Ethics and Compliance

Our Code of Ethics and Conduct Policies  governs our internal labor relations as well as those with our stakeholders. All of our associates and the Board of Directors are fully conversant with the main guidelines of the Code. The document is updated every two years with the active participation of the Board of Directors and the Executive Committee, thus ensuring a swift, timely response to today’s increasingly demanding social setting.

The company’s Code of Ethics and Conduct Policies follows the basic principles of obeying the law and applicable regulations in all the countries in which we operate. It establishes and regulates our associates actions in relation to acts of extortion, corruption and fraud, and promotes transparency and compliance with free market rules. The Code demands that associates reject bribery, corruption and any type of contributions that seek to gain business advantages and that they respect the rules of free competition. 


Arca Continental offers an anonymous, secure communication channel through this  “Transparency Mailbox” where you can report any situation that you believe does not meet the company’s highest levels of ethics, transparency and honesty.

If you are making a report, please provide as much information and detail as possible so that we can address and follow up on your comments fittingly. All comments received through the  “Transparency Mailbox” will be analyzed with the utmost confidentiality  to present recommendations to the Audit Committee and/or Management for the most appropriate course of action in response to any non-compliance event reported.


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