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FTSE4Good Recognizes AC´s Sustainability for the 3rd Time

Monterrey, Mexico. August 7, 2018.-Arca Continental SAB de CV (BMV: AC), one of the top Coca-Cola bottlers worldwide, was included, for the third consecutive year, in the London Stock Exchange’s FTSE4Good Emerging Index which ranks public companies all over the world with the best environmental, social, and corporate governance practices.

The FTSE4Good indexes lists top performing companies in several relevant aspects, including managing and safeguarding ethics and transparency, protecting human rights, showing a strong commitment to society and employees, and promoting environmental stewardship.

Out of 164 environmental, social, and corporate governance indicators assessed by the FTSE, Arca Continental was graded above average in the consumer products sector, and ranked among the top food and beverages companies worldwide.[1]

In addition to its inclusion in the FSTE4Good, Arca Continental has been part of the MSCI Global Sustainability Indexes since 2014 and has been included in the Sustainability Index of the Mexican Stock Exchange since 2011, when it was first created. The company has also been distinguished for 15 consecutive years as a Socially Responsible Company by the Mexican Philanthropy Center (Cemefi).  

Arca Continental reaffirm its commitment to sustainability and social responsibility, by including international best practices in both its strategy and performance.

About Arca Continental

Arca Continental produces, distributes, and markets non-alcoholic beverages under The Coca-Cola Company brand, as well as salted snacks under the Bokados brand in Mexico, Inalecsa in Ecuador, and Wise and Deep River in the United States. With an outstanding history spanning 92 years, Arca Continental is the second-largest Coca-Cola bottler in Latin America, and one of the largest in the world. Through its Coca-Cola franchise, the company serves more than 119 million people in the Northern and Western regions in Mexico, as well as in Ecuador, Perú, in the Northern region of Argentina, and in the Southwestern United States. Arca Continental is listed on the Mexican Stock Exchange under the ticker “AC”. For more information about Arca Continental, please visit

[1] Arca Continental is ranked within the top 25% in the industry.


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