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Arca Continental and Coca-Cola boost the dairy industry in Ecuador

• In the presence of the President of Ecuador, Lenín Moreno, Arca Continental and The Coca-Cola Company inaugurate the new Tonicorp

- In the presence of the President of Ecuador, Lenín Moreno, Arca Continental and The Coca-Cola Company inaugurate the new Tonicorp dairy plant in Guayaquil, Ecuador, making it among the world’s most modern
- US$100 million were invested in the new plant, doubling the production capacity of Tonicorp, reaching 150 million liters of dairy products per year; this is the largest investment in the Ecuadorian dairy sector


Guayaquil, June 29, 2017.- Tonicorp, the leading value-added dairy Company in Ecuador, inaugurated a new dairy production plant in Guayaquil, making it one of the most modern in Latin America.

The inauguration ceremony was chaired by the President of Ecuador, Lenín Moreno, together with directors of Arca Continental and The Coca-Cola Company, who jointly operate Tonicorp since 2014.

With an investment of USD$100 million, the Tonicorp Plant becomes one of the most important industrial projects in the country, allowing the company to double its production capacity, to reach up to 150 million dairy product liters per year.

“Consistent with our long-term vision for our businesses, we continue strengthening our investment strategy in the region’s high value-added dairy segment, solidifying our production capacity under the strictest quality, efficiency and sustainability standards,” stated Francisco Garza Egloff, Chief Executive Officer of Arca Continental.

“The strengthening of this business, reinforces Arca Continental’s commitment to Ecuador, as well as our constant effort to better serve our customers and consumers to collaborate in the integral development of the community”, he added.

The event was attended by State Ministers, local authorities, ambassadors, costumers and various players in Ecuador’s dairy industry, who participated in an inaugural tour throughout the plant.

“In 2014 we announced, together with our bottling partner Arca Continental, our investment commitments for the country. Today, it is with great pride that we inaugurate the Tonicorp Plant as one of the most important projects for the Company and a contributor to the economic development of the country”, commented Louis Balat, General Manager of the Andean Region for The Coca-Cola company.

“The new plant will enable us to continue innovating, not only our portfolio but new market segments as well, as a Total Beverage Company,” he added.

The Tonicorp Plant is supported by the International Finance Corporation (IFC) for having the best global practices in the areas of sustainability and social responsibility within its design and construction.

Arca Continental, The Coca-Cola Company and Tonicorp reiterate their commitment to the development of Ecuador and the total satisfaction of their consumers. To this end, they will continue driving innovation in the Ecuadorian dairy industry, strengthening their competitive position and supporting the total well-being of their collaborators and the communities in which they operate.

About Tonicorp
Tonicorp, a company of Arca Continental and The Coca-Cola Company, is a holding company comprised of the following entities: Industrias Lácteas Toni, Topsy, Plásticos Ecuatorianos and Dipor. It enjoys a long track record leading the segment of high value-added dairy and functional nutrition (LGG, Calcium, Zinc, Vitamins and Iron) in Ecuador since 1970. Our company’s portfolio includes: yogurt, milk (regular and flavored), gelatin, hydration beverages and ice cream. We currently export some of our products to the U.S., Islands of the Caribbean, Puerto Rico, Panama, Peru, Colombia, Bolivia, Chile, Spain and the United Emirate States. For more information, visit Tonicorp at, on Facebook TonicorpEc, on Twitter @Tonicorp_ec, and on Instagram @Tonicorp.

About Arca Continental
Arca Continental is a company dedicated to the production, distribution, and sale of non-alcoholic beverages which are brand names of The Coca-Cola Company as well as salty snacks under the brands of Bokados in Mexico, Inalecsa in Ecuador, and Wise in the United States. With an outstanding track record of more than 91 years, Arca Continental is the second largest Coca-Cola bottling company in Latin America and one of the most important in the world. Within its Coca-Cola franchise, the company serves a population of more than 118 million in the northern and western parts of Mexico as well as Ecuador, Peru, the northern region of Argentina and the Southwestern U.S. Arca Continental is listed on the Mexican Stock Market under the ticker symbol "AC". For further information about Arca Continental, please visit

About The Coca-Cola Company
The Coca-Cola Company (NYSE:KO) is the world’s largest beverage company, offering over 500 brands of sparkling and still beverages and close to 3900 beverage options. Led by Coca-Cola, one of the most valuable and recognized brands in the world, our company’s portfolio includes brands valued at 21 billion dollars, 19 of which are available in low-calorie or no-calorie options. These brands include: Diet Coke, Coca-Cola Zero, Fanta, Sprite, Dasani, vitaminwater, Powerade, Minute Maid, Simply, Del Valle, Georgia and Gold Peak. Through the largest distribution system in the world, we are the No. 1 supplier of sparkling and still beverages. Daily, consumers in more than 200 countries enjoy over 1900 million servings of our beverages. With a permanent commitment to build sustainable communities, our company focuses on initiatives that reduce our environmental impact, create a safe and inclusive work environment for our associates and improve the economic growth of the communities in which we operate. Together with our bottling partners, we are among the top 10 private industry employers worldwide with over 700,000 associates working in our system. For more information, visit Coca-Cola Journey at, follow us on Twitter at, visit our blog, Coca-Cola Unbottled, at or find us on LinkedIn at

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