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Arca Continental and PetStar Double Recycling Capabilities in Jalisco

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- The Governor of Jalisco, Enrique Alfaro, inaugurated a new collection plant in Guadalajara with which Arca Continental and PetStar will increase their collection and recycling of PET packaging, thus contributing to the circular economy in Jalisco and its neighboring states. 

- With this investment, the Coca-Cola Mexican Industry seeks to increase its collection and recycling. Currently 6 out of each 10 bottles put out into the market are recycled; the goal is to make this 10 out of 10 bottles by 2030.


Guadalajara, Jal., May 16, 2022.- In the framework of the Word Recycling Day, Arca Continental, PetStar—which is the leading food grade PET recycling facility worldwide—, and Coca-Cola Mexico announced the third phase of their 175-million-pesos investment for 2022 that will help strengthen the collection and recycling infrastructure.

The event marking the start of operations, which took place at the facilities of the Collection Plant in San Pedro Tlaquepaque (PA), was presided by the Governor of Jalisco, Enrique Alfaro; the Mayor of Tlaquepaque, Citlalli Amaya; Jaime Cámara, founder and CEO of PetStar; Mario García, Operations Director, Northern Region, for Coca-Cola Mexico; Jesús Lucatero, Director for Public Affairs, Communications, and Sustainability for Arca Continental; and by Xavier Orendáin, General Coordinator for Growth and Economic Development for Jalisco, and Carlos Mendieta, Director for Public Affairs and Communications for PetStar.

With this investment that will foster the growth of collector partners and the opening of new collection stations, the plant will recover 9,600 tons annually and will work with 

more than 400 MSMEs that collect PET and other recyclables. This will generate 1,500 indirect jobs, which translates into well-being for thousands of Mexican families and contributes to the environmental care and stewardship initiatives implemented by Arca Continental and the government of Jalisco in this state.

During his presentation, Jaime Cámara highlighted the commitment shared with Arca Continental to double the collection of PET packaging that is put out into the market and to ensure that it remains in the recycling chain, this in order to achieve the purpose of circularity.

“With this investment, at PetStar and Arca Continental we can multiply our efforts to generate economic and environmental value in favor of sustainable development in the communities, for a cleaner Jalisco and for a World Without Waste,” he said.

During 2021, the plant collected 5,292 tons of PET packaging, served 21 municipalities in Jalisco (in Guadalajara, Zapopan, Tonalá, San Pedro Tlaquepaque, Tala, Zapotlán el Grande, El Salto, Tlajomulco de Zúñiga, Zapotiltic, Zapotlanejo, and Tlaquepaque) and in the neighboring states of Nayarit and Colima.

In order to maintain a people-centric sustainable business model, according to Jesús Lucatero, Director for Public Affairs at Arca Continental Mexico, with this third investment phase, Arca Continental will reinforce the model that helps collectors repurpose waste and will strengthen a culture of recycling and sustainability.

During the event, the governor of Jalisco, Enrique Alfaro Ramírez, stated: “Today we join the PetStar and Arca Continental initiative and we recognize the effort they make to  promote a culture of caring for the environment and making recycling a way of life.”

Participants in the event invited the public to share in the accountability and to continue multiplying efforts among the industry, government, and citizens, starting with the separation and correct disposal of waste and up to the process to transform and recycle materials for a World Without Waste. With this, Mexico will maintain its position as the leading country in the continent in terms of PET collection and recycling.*


*Source: ECOCE




About PetStar S.A.P.I. de C.V.
Mexican company founded in 2006 that is part of the Coca-Cola Mexican Industry (CCMI) and a benchmark for excellence based on its unique business model for collecting and recycling PET to produce food grade recycled resin in an inclusive manner. With its actions, the company promotes social mobility and the dignification of waste and PET collectors, generating social, environmental, and economic value across the country. PetStar is led by Arca Continental, Coca-Cola Mexico, Bepensa Bebidas, Corporación del Fuerte, Corporación Rica, Grupo Embotellador Nayar, and Embotelladora de Colima, establishing CCMI’s commitment to sustainability.  PetStar has 8 collection plants, 1 repurposing plant, and the largest food grade PET recycling facility worldwide. For more information on PetStar visit


About Arca Continental
Arca Continental produces, distributes, and markets beverages under The Coca-Cola Company brand, as well as snacks under the Bokados brand in Mexico, Inalecsa in Ecuador, and Wise and Deep River in the United States. With an outstanding history spanning more than 96 years, Arca Continental is the second-largest Coca-Cola bottler in Latin America, and one of the largest in the world. Through its Coca-Cola franchise, the company serves more than 123 million people in the Northern and Western regions in Mexico, as well as in Ecuador, Peru, in the Northern region of Argentina, and in the Southwestern United States. Arca Continental is listed on the Mexican Stock Exchange under the ticker “AC.” For more information about Arca Continental, please visit 

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