PetStar Excellence Recognized Globally

PetStar Excellence Recognized Globally


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PetStar Excellence Recognized Globally

Premio Calidad _Pet Star


Monterrey, Mexico. February 6, 2020.- PetStar, the largest food grade PET recycling plant worldwide, which is led by Arca Continental, received the Ibero-American Quality Award (Premio Iberoamericano de Calidad) that recognizes companies for their excellence in process quality control and innovation. The award, considered as the highest honor in the world for quality control, was granted in the city of Madrid by Spanish authorities.

In order to qualify for this award, which is based on the Ibero-American Excellence in Management Model (Modelo Iberoamericano de Excelencia en la Gestión), companies in Spain and Latin America need to have obtained prior quality-control recognitions in their country of origin. PetStar qualifies given that in 2017 it obtained the National Quality Award in Mexico.

The prize was received by Alejandro Molina, Chief Technical and Supply Chain Officer for Arca Continental, in his role as Chairman of the Board of Directors for PetStar, and by Jaime Cámara, PetStar CEO.

PetStar is among the top initiatives employed by Arca Continental and the Coca-Cola Mexican Industry (CCMI) to promote recycling, and is aligned to The Coca-Cola Company’s global #WorldWithoutWaste goals.  


About Arca Continental

Arca Continental produces, distributes, and markets non-alcoholic beverages under The Coca-Cola Company brand, as well as snacks under the Bokados brand in Mexico, Inalecsa in Ecuador, and Wise and Deep River in the United States. With an outstanding history spanning 93 years, Arca Continental is the second-largest Coca-Cola bottler in Latin America, and one of the largest in the world. Through its Coca-Cola franchise, the company serves more than 123 million people in the Northern and Western regions in Mexico, as well as in Ecuador, Peru, in the Northern region of Argentina, and in the Southwestern United States. Arca Continental is listed on the Mexican Stock Exchange under the ticker “AC”. For more information about Arca Continental, please visit


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