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Press Releases

19 September 2022

Arca Continental and The Coca-Cola Company reach long-term collaboration agreement

The new agreement aligns the key economic aspects of the business relationship for the long term, along with favoring joint efforts to continue perfecting service for customers and consumers.

8 September 2022

AC Confirms Commitment to Sustainable Development

Arca Continental expresses its commitment to the Women’s Empowerment Principles and Science-Based Targets Initiative to mitigate climate change

22 July 2022

EBITDA grew 11.0% and revenue increased 16.5% in 2Q22

Arca Continental reports: Net Sales reached Ps. 53,363 million, 16.5% higher than 2Q21.

13 June 2022

Arca Continental Completes Successful Bond Issuance

Bottler issues Ps. 4,350 million in Certificados Bursátiles, or local notes, to refinance debt

16 May 2022

Arca Continental and PetStar Double Recycling Capabilities in Jalisco

The Governor of Jalisco, Enrique Alfaro, inaugurated a new collection plant in Guadalajara with which Arca Continental and PetStar will increase their collection and recycling of PET packaging,

29 April 2022


AC reports Net Sales for $46,065 million of Mexican Pesos in 1Q22, 13.8% more than 1Q21.

1 April 2022

AC to Invest $588 million USD in 2022

Arca Continental announces investments for more than 12,000 million pesos ($588 million USD) in 2022 to strengthen its operations in key territories.

15 February 2022

Revenue grew 15.2% with EBITDA up 5.7% in 4Q21

AC reports Net Sales for $183,366 millions of Mexican Pesos in 2021, 8.3% more than 2020, in annual terms.

28 January 2022

AC and The Coca-Cola Foundation Support the Restoration of Parks

The initiative, led by the municipality of Monterrey, includes the participation of Arca Continental, The Coca-Cola Foundation, The Nature Conservancy, and the Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León.

14 December 2021

AC celebrates 20 years of value creation on the BMV

Company rings opening bell at the Mexican Stock Exchange (BMV) to celebrate its 20th anniversary as a publicly-traded company