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Press Releases

14 July 2021

AC and allies go Beyond Recycling

Through a forum with the participation of specialists in waste management and inclusive recycling, Arca Continental invited the promotion of circular economy models.

25 June 2021

BMV ratifies Arca Continental in Sustainability Index

Arca Continental ratification in the S&P/BMV Total Mexico ESG Index, and other international indexes, reaffirms its commitment with sustainability.

24 June 2021

AC Ecuador Offers Training to Shopkeepers

The initiative, which was launched in collaboration with Coca-Cola Ecuador, Tonicorp, and government entities, impacted more than 17,000 entrepreneurs across the country in terms of their social and economic-commercial development.

10 June 2021

AC Installed Recycling Stations in Iguazú

Recycling stations were installed in schools in Iguazú in order to promote the circular economy model.

11 May 2021

AC Bebidas Successfully Issues Local Green Bonds

Bottler issues Ps. 4,650 million in Local Green Bonds; proceeds to fund sustainability projects.

23 April 2021

EBITDA grew 15.7% with Revenue up 4.1% in 1Q21

In its 1Q21 report, Arca Continental informed that EBITDA grew 15.7% when compared to 1Q20.

15 April 2021

AC Strengthens Investment Commitment for 2021

Arca Continental announces an investment of close to US$500 million in 2021, 60% more than in 2020, to strengthen its operations in all the markets it serves.

7 April 2021

AC Ecuador Recognized for Gender Equality

The recognition for practices focused on gender equality was granted by the National Government of Ecuador to AC and Tonicorp.

16 March 2021

AC Named Socially Responsible Company for 18th Consecutive Year

Alongside Arca Continental, PetStar, will also receive Socially Responsible Company awards for the 7thconsecutive year.

18 February 2021

Let’s talk about water, because every drop counts

Arca Continental, as part of the Coca-Cola Mexican Industry (CCMI) and through the Coca-Cola Foundation, will reinforce its efforts to take water to more than one million Mexican.