ESG Performance | Environmental

ESG Performance | Environmental



At Arca Continental, sharing a better planet with those who inhabit it and with future generations is one of our priorities, so we constantly implement actions that add value to the environment through initiatives that promote recycling, water conservation, emission reduction and the use of renewable energies.

  • Water footprint

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    Aware of the importance of water not only for our operations but for life on the planet, and as part of the Coca-Cola System, at Arca Continental we are committed to the following three objective.

    1. Preserving water sources

    The responsible use of water, the preservation of sources and the strengthening of infrastructure for access to vital liquid in the communities where we operate are fundamental parts of our commitment to the environment and the construction of a better future, so we execute actions and promote synergies with different institutions to solve the specific water security challenges in the different countries and regions in which we operate.

    2. Providing access to water

    Aware of the importance of access to water, we constantly carry out projects for the collection, treatment, and management of water resources to contribute to the provision of resources for vulnerable or communities in need.

    3. Making water use efficient

    We constantly optimize and improve our technology and processes to capture, treat and reuse water in our production processes and we monitor and drive best practices for sustainable use in our supply chai




  • Carbon Footprint

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    Committed with the prevention and mitigation of the adverse effects that climate change could generate both in our operations and in the activities of our stakeholders, we join efforts to reduce and mitigate the environmental impact of our activities through two main lines of action.

    1. Reducing GHG emissions

    We have set goals for reducing our carbon footprint by generating energy savings through various projects such as the optimization of refrigeration systems and the installation of energy-efficient equipment.

    2. Consuming energy from sustainable sources

    We invested to increase our clean electricity sources and to explore renewable energy generation alternatives.


  • Packaging and Waste

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    The integration of the waste we generate in our operations and the consumption of our products within circular economy schemes are key issues for AC. For this reason, we focus our efforts on three main axes:

    1. Sustainable Packaging Design

    We promote the use of sustainable packaging in our products, due to their lightweight design and recycled content, the plastics we use can be reusable, recyclable, compostable or usable, contributing to their reintegration into our value chain.

    2. Increase in recycling rate

    We generate alliances and collaboration programs to increase collection and packaging recycling. In addition, we invest in initiatives such as PetStar, the world's largest food-grade recycling plant.

    3. Adoption of inclusive recycling schemes

    We provide collectors with fair working conditions and meet the education, food and health needs of collectors and their families.