Sustainability | Strategy

Sustainability | Strategy



Creating value for all our stakeholders is the basis for achieving sustained growth and laying the foundation for a future of shared prosperity. The founders of the different companies that made up what is now Arca Continental, established a solid social and environmental commitment in each of them.

The establishment of a sustainable business strategy seeks to generate shared value through initiatives organized into four pillars: Operational Excellence, Sustainable Communities, Value Chain Development and Environmental Management, as shown in the following diagram.




To address sustainability as well as the risks and opportunities related to Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG) issues, we have the commitment of the highest levels of the organization, starting with the Board of Directors, which, through its Human Resources and Sustainability Committee, guides and supervises the company with respect to the achievement of its global and consolidated goals.

The Human Capital and Sustainability Committee is primarily responsible for managing the ESG impacts of Arca Continental at the level of the Board of Directors.

The guidelines of the Human Capital and Sustainability Committee are executed by a Sustainability Steering Committee, in which the Executive Directors participate in the deployment of strategies and the achievement of specific objectives, under the coordination of the Corporate Affairs and Sustainability team.

This committee is responsible for designing strategies and deploying actions to ensure the achievement of objectives related to material issues of the organization.

In 2021, we expanded the structure of the Sustainability Committee, strengthening the governance of these issues at all levels of the organization, with the implementation of sustainability committees by country.

Sustainability Committees